Ortmaster Release Notes

July 14, 2010 – Version

The first major change in this version is the inclusion of a field for the Operation Counter. This required a change to the OrtRes.dbf database, which is provided by means of the OrtRes1.dbf file. If this file is present, the software will use it to restructure the database, and the contents of the original results file will be copied to the restructured file. Then the OrtRes1.dbf file will be deleted. The original OrtRes.dbf file will also be saved to the backup file OrtRes.dbk.

The second major change is the ability to select multiple reclosers for inclusion in the report.

Another feature of the new software is the ability to edit the SQL statement for selection of files to be used for the report. This feature is not yet fully implemented.

There is an updated manual included in the setup file and also accessible directly from a link on the web page.

It was recently discovered that some USB cables supplied with the Ortmaster were defective, with high resistance and intermittent continuity of the shield between the shells of the USB connectors. If you have problems with communication errors, check the USB cable and replace it with a high quality gold-plated version if the resistance is less than 1.0 ohms or if it varies when flexed. I will soon have a quantity of premium grade cables and I will send one as a replacement upon request for no charge.